Soosan, Nicole and driver


I did my traveling in Cambodia with two girls I met in Vietnam, Soosan and Nicole.  We took the fast boat from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap.  The roof, gave us a great view of beautiful scenery.  I was amused by the shacks with huge TV antennas.  A few huts were submerged in water, only their roofs were showing.  As we passed, children waived like crazy hoping to be seen.

When we arrived at Siem Reap there were tons of locals standing at the port holding signs.  Some held the names of guest houses, while others held the names of guests.  I chose a guest house out of the Lonely Planet and saw the sign as we pulled in.  Unfortunately when we reached the van, it was full.

As I tried to look up another place in the book we were surrounded by at least 75 men all talking to us at the same time.  They were clearly fueled by commission.  At this point we were the last ones there, which compounded the problem.

I couldn't even hear myself speak and lost it.  I shouted, "Shut up!", as loud as I could.  They all backed up and paused for a second, which allowed me to regroup with my friends and run a plan by them.

I found the person with the sign for the next guest house and everyone kept shouting at us, "Don't go with him.  I'm the real Mahogany Guest House.  I reconfirmed the location was correct, according to my map, and that the ride was free.  We decided to go. 

On the way I realized there was a hitch when the man said he'd take us to another guest house, if we didn't like the first one.

We jumped out and looked at the guest house, while one person watched the bags.  We didn't like the place, but grabbed the backpacks out of the van.  Two guys in the van took off, while the third stayed with us, plus the original guy who followed us on a motorbike.  Thank goodness it was day light and that I had travel companions or I would have been freaked out by all of these men.

When we started walking down the street, the guy was confused and said he'd take us to see more places.  We said we were OK and walked two doors down to find a place we liked.

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