Petronas Twin Towers

Cameron Highlands

D'Lagoon Chalet


Sometimes people see tapir, deer, wild boars, or elephants. In silence, I stayed up watching the clearing until midnight, and then I got up every hour to search the area with a flashlight. I woke up at sunrise. I saw a few impressive birds and the jungle sounds were fantastic. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any luck seeing the wild animals. In the morning, we made it back to the boat in 37 minutes. The blood suckers didn’t get us that time. It’s strange to be scared of the leeches, but they are disgusting!

Ah the city life… in Kuala Lumpur (KL) I went to see the movie “The Pledge.” It was funny to have an assigned seat printed on your ticket. Then again, if the theater is packed, it makes sense.

The buildings in KL are impressive. The Kuala Lumpur Tower and the Petronas Twin Towers have great views. Petronas is the tallest building in the world. A little trivia… four categories for determining the world’s tallest building: height to top of building (Petronas), height to tip of antenna (World Trade Center in NY), height to highest occupied floor and height to roof of building (both belong to Sears Tower in Chicago).

The night markets in Chinatown and Little India are fun to visit… food, crafts, watches, CD’s and interesting people milling about. Unlike Indonesia, people do not approach you to buy things on the streets or at the beaches. They wait for you to show interest and then the usual bartering starts.

I worked my way north through the Cameron Highlands to another island, Pulau Perhentian Kecil. I spent lazy days at D’Lagoon Chalet, which has a private beach – a boat ride from the main beach (Long Beach). I’m known as “Tiger Shark”… that’s my room name.

The snorkeling here is almost as impressive as the diving. Right in my front yard, at D’Lagoon, I saw black tip reef sharks, an octopus, a school of seven bump head parrotfish, and blue ringed angelfish. The marine life is similar to Indonesia.

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