Terraced rice paddies

Huge packs carried by porters

Yak train

November 27, 2000 (62-days)

Namaste...  Merry X-mas and Happy New Year!

The Himalaya
is a feast for the eyes.  Every mountain lover in the world should trek in Nepal.  Days on end filled with magnificent 360 degree views. 

It's amazing how much distance you can put behind you in six hours of trekking and how much the scenery changes.  From rushing rivers and waterfalls, to dry lands, to snowcapped peaks.  The valleys are so deep and the mountains so high you really have to look up to checkout the view.  The rice paddies and farm terraced land exist at high elevation on steep mountain sides.

On my first trek, I left a small day pack behind in Katmandu
to lighten my load and set out for the Annapurna Circuit and Sanctuary (ACAP Region).  I estimated 25-days of trekking.  My pack seemed relatively light considering I had snow gear, but no food or stove.

The first morning of my trek, in Besi Sahar, I met Jenny and Dean, from Australia.  They were the core of my Annapurna
family.  We trekked early in the morning (
5:30 a.m.) when the other trekkers were sleeping for the sunrise, clear views and cool temperature.  This also allowed us to pick the best hotels and rooms in the small villages, since we would arrive first.  To my surprise, at least eighty percent of the places I stayed at during this trek had excellent food and accommodation.  I could write a book on the best food.  Plus you couldn't beat the views from a corner room.

Sounds of the trail...  flip flop, flip flop is a porter wearing flip flops and carrying a load equivalent to me and my backpack together with a tump line (i.e., rope over their head vs. straps over their shoulders).  It is not uncommon to see porters carrying four large backpacks, a door, or support beam.  These amazing people are carrying huge loads and have even bigger smiles on their faces.

Hearing bells?  Get to the inside of the trail quick before you are knocked off a cliff by a mule or yak train carrying supplies.  The Yaks were my favorite.  Wooly noble looking animals that you just want to hug but need to keep clear.  The yaks are known to be unruly and can only survive at high elevation.

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