Prayer wall

Tengpoche gompa

blessing ceremony


Wildlife...  gray deer, black face monkeys...

The trekking was more challenging than I expected.  It didn't take long to wonder what else I could ditch out of my backpack, but fortunately I became one with the pack within a week.

I was fortunate enough to go for a second trek, in the Khumbu Region (Everest).  I can't even begin to describe how beautiful the wicked snowcapped peaks are.  I'm grateful to have seen almost all of the highest peaks in Nepal, including the o'mighty Everest.  My favorite was Machhapuchhare.

I loved seeing the cultural change as we went from Nepali to Tibetan villages, higher in the treks.  The prayer walls are vivid in my mind.  You walk counter clockwise around them and spin the prayer wheels with your right hand for good karma.  This is also the area where the prayer flags are prominent.

We went into several gompa's (monasteries) and I was blessed in two of them, which was probably a good thing because I foolishly used one of the blessings right away...  not enough time to write about that one :~)

Fortunately you see young children playing all kinds of games in the villages.  Some are similar to ours, such as hopscotch.  Others are very different, but creative.  This is really good because it's not long before they are carrying a heavy load up the mountain.  One little toddler was leading a mule down the road.  The mule looked humiliated.

My favorite part of trekking is the way everyone says namaste (hello) on the trail or namaste dede (hello sister).

As you go higher in the mountains the prices go up because they need to carry the supplies in.  Some of the items like snickers or coke were double or more (higher than US prices!).  Even though I developed a snickers addiction of 4-a-day (i.e., no powerbars here), my expenses averaged $9 a day.  p.s.  I went cold turkey on Everest :~)

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