to Thorung La pass

Thorung La pass 17,764 feet

journey to Everest Base Camp


I love the innocence of the people.  At the hotels you run off the honor system.  You want something to eat, write it on your bill.  You take something from the store, write it down.  One woman added up my bill, in my favor.  I told her the correct amount and gave her the money.  She gave me too much change.  Everything is so cheap you just can't cheat these people, plus it's bad karma.

Jenny and I celebrated our Dad's b-days (same day, if you can believe that!) by eating chocolate cake.  Happy B-day Dad!

I could have spent a week at the
hot springs in Tatopani where the fireflies were hanging out, but took advantage of 2-days instead.  I bought a cool sarong there and now I'm running around like a little hippy chick!

It snowed three times on my treks and made me sad to miss the winter back home.  The first snow was the night before we crossed the Thorung La pass (17,764'), the morning we left Annapurna Base Camp and at Gokyo.

After I finished my ACAP trek I chilled in Pokhara for a few days, went rafting on the Kali Gandaki for 3-days and then had to get right back out there.  I couldn't leave without seeing Everest.

I had 1-day in
Katmandu and then left for the Khumbu Region the next day.  The 14-hour bus ride was incredible.  I sat next to a woman who held two small children on her lap the entire way.  The isle filled with locals.  An older couple across the way took turns hurling into a plastic bag.

My perception was really jaded and I was raving to my new trekking partner Dean, from
Canada, about how great the food and accommodation would be.  Hmmmnnn...  after day three I became doubtful.  This was a different trek.

We started in Jiri and the trek itself was tough.  We formed a Khumbu family of eight in the first several days of trekking.  Once we got to Namche Bazaar the crowd changed dramatically, because all of the clean people just arrived from the airport and there were huge tours with groups of ten or more people.  It was like Disneyland.

I am impressed by the number of senior citizens trekking in the Khumbu!

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