New Zealand

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Queenstown Bay and Remarkables


Similar to Australians, several New Zealanders, run around barefoot and love their fish and chips.  The fish is excellent and became my staple diet in both countries.  At one fish and chips shop, I discovered the cure for Teva foot – if you've worn Teva's for an extended period of time, you know the smell I'm talking about – sprinkle a little vinegar on your Teva’s, don't waste it on the chips  :~)

I became a biker chick for a few days.  We loaded all of my stuff on Kelvin's bike and I put on everything I wore on the coldest day in Nepal – polypro, fleece and goretex... at least I was in black, and we headed for Queenstown.  I saw the speedo over his shoulder and figured he was taking it easy at 65 vs. 100 KPH.  I felt like I was in a video game as I watched the land go by and couldn't imagine what it would feel like at 100.  Then I realized it's an American bike, Honda Shadow, so the big numbers were MPH and we were already at the speed limit... wheeew.

When we hit Queenstown, I loved it instantly.  It's a great little ski town with plenty of summer activities as well.  I was a bit gutted that it's not winter.  The Remarkables are jagged mountains just waiting for me to snowboard them.  Maybe next time.  Winter starts in June.  While I was in town they did get a dusting of snow, which is unusual for January.

When Kelvin picked me up in
Christchurch, I warned him about my ice cream addiction.  A girl traveling with a bottle of chocolate syrup has a problem.  He found out when we were at Kaiteri Beach.  He asked if I wanted to do any activities while we were there, like kayaking.  I asked him if ice cream was an activity.  We went to a shop and they didn't sell the cones.  I noticed a 1 liter box in the fridge.  I told him it was a lot, but we'd have to eat it all or it would melt.  We set up a picnic on the beach.  Kelvin sliced two bananas.  I cut the block of ice cream in half and threw one in each bowl.  Then, the chocolate syrup.  We made so many friends on the beach we could have started our own ice cream shop.  Pure gluttony!

We met a nice family while camping at
Wanaka Lake.  They were roasting marshmallows on a campfire.  The little girl asked us if we wanted ours really burnt or not so burnt.  She'll probably be a chef.

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