Emerald Hill off Orchard Road


The Singapore Zoo is incredible rated one of the best in the world and the Night Safari is even better. My favorite thing at the zoo is the Tiger Arapaima (the world's largest fresh water fish). The keeper would dangle a small dead fish in the murky water and whomp! I heard a big splash and jumped every time. It was amazing. If you watched really close, you might see its huge mouth or red stripes on its back right before the attack. I asked the keeper how long it took before he stopped jumping. He said about a week. I told him he should put a harness on and rope up to the tree as part of the show.

At the Night Safari, I took a walk on the Leopard Trail. There was one sleeping right next to a wall with its stomach up. I rubbed its tummy and put my hands on its paws... well, through the glass. I couldn't believe how close I was to it.

Sentosa Island, a theme park, has the best beaches. They import the sand from Indonesia. They also have a nice Musical Fountain show. It's amazing what they can do with water and lasers.

Singapore is a great place to visit for a normal vacation or on a business trip, but it's a bit expensive for a traveler.

I've just started my journey through Malaysia. Talk to you later...