Thailand - Southern

Ko Phi-Phi Leh


Krabi limestone cliffs

July 1, 2001 (30-days)

Sawat-dii Kha,

I spent lazy peaceful days in the islands of Southern Thailand, followed by a bit of culture in Bangkok.

When I left Malaysia
I headed straight to the island of Ko Phi-Phi.  I wanted to see Maya Beach, from the movie, "The Beach."  Unfortunately the surf was too big for the long tail boat to take us to the magic spot.  Regardless, the island has beautiful cliffs, nice beaches and snorkeling.  Under the moon, I saw plankton in the water for the first time.  Its blue color glowed in the water and dotted the beach. 

The ride from Ko Phi-Phi back to the mainland was rough with a storm brewing.  The waves were crashing above the windows of our small ferry and they stopped the boat every time a big wave rocked us.  Most everyone had life jackets on and a few were looking ill with worry.  The man in charge remained calm, so I decided not to panic until he did.  We arrived safely in East Hat Rai Leh, in the Krabi

My next home, in Krabi, was a rock climbing haven.  The limestone cliffs were a good distraction from the storm.  With rumor of over 460 bolted routes, I looked forward to the climbing.  It didn't take long to make friends and find a climbing partner.  I did my first lead climbing and was psyched.  

After climbing, we would go to sunset beach where most of the climbers gathered.  At the beach I learned to spin poi (i.e., a chain with a heavy pad or tennis ball stuck to the end).  It is almost a form of martial arts.  You take one poi in each hand and swing them in all directions around your body.  It looks easy, but it's a good way to make yourself look really silly as you beat yourself senseless and get a chain wrapped around your head.  The crazy thing is it's really addictive.  Once you master one trick you are eager to learn the next and they are never ending.  By the time I come back to the
US I should be ready to spin fire, which would make for a cool outdoor party trick.  Especially if my hair catches on fire  :~)

Robbery number two... once again, I had a break-in.  They took my Oakley sunglasses, rented climbing gear, and stashed emergency credit card.  They were kind enough to leave my camera and swiss army knife.  Surprisingly they didn't want my cold weather gear... think sweltering heat!

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