Thailand - Southern

Painful waxing


I'm currently in Laos.  Next on the list is Vietnam, Cambodia, and Northern Thailand. 

In addition to emergency cash and travelers cheques, travel with at least three credit cards stashed in various places.  One emergency card to get stolen from your backpack, one to be turned off by the credit card people when they detect fraud, and one for you to continue your journey.  If you have less than three, make sure you have someone who loves you who can keep calling your bank for a status on the new card.  Also, don't be in
Laos where it costs $3 a minute to call the US and no collect phone calls.

Finally, whatever you do, never get a wax job in Krabi.  It was a painful experience.  Imagine a substance resembling fiberglass being spread over your leg and then slowly being rolled up from the bottom.  Ouch!

Until next time my friends...