For months, I woke up every morning at 5:45 AM, which was difficult because I'm not a morning person. My workout started shortly after this, and then I would contact a few sponsors. I would roll into work anywhere between 11 AM and 1 PM and get off of work around 7-9 PM, and the whole thing would start over again the next day, except when I would head to Tahoe Thursday night through Sunday to snowboard.

I was completely dedicated to setting the record. I didn't miss a single snowboarding weekend (normally 3 days) since mid-December. I even went during blizzard conditions. In the city, I only missed 3 workouts. Two of these, early in my training, were a result of a swollen knee.

Working, training and trying to find sponsors were all very demanding on my time. The stress was sometimes too much for me to handle. I was working on a deadline at the office, and I also had event details to wrap up. It was difficult, but I told my boss the deadline would have to wait until I returned. I knew I would remember setting the world record for the rest of my life, and a year down the road I wouldn't remember the deadline.

The biggest sacrifice I made, was not being able to spend quality time with my friends.