We chose Klondike Heliskiing in Atlin, B.C., Canada to be the host of the event, since Mark Bennett set the world record there in 1997. We knew that Klondike would be interested in holding both the men's and women's title for the most vertical snowboarded or heli-skied in a day. Once Klondike's sponsorship was established, other potential sponsors were contacted and proposals were mailed. I spent endless hours on the phone trying to persuade sponsors. All in all, I feel really lucky because the majority of my sponsors have products that I previously owned.

K2 Snowboards and Clicker

K2 Snowboards web page.

I'd been riding K2 Yak boots and Clicker bindings all season, yet a month prior to the event, I still hadn't landed K2 Snowboards as a sponsor. Because boots are so critical to snowboarding, there was no way I'd consider changing to anything else. Also, I knew the Clicker bindings would be critical for getting in and out of my bindings in a few seconds.

I needed 3 snowboards and bindings in constant rotation for the event -- this was going to cost me a fortune. I knocked on a few more doors at K2 Snowboards, and they came through at the right moment.

I was totally stoked when a 1998 K2 Synergy snowboard arrived on my doorstep, the other two were sent to Canada. The graphics are killer and unisex. I caught so many admiring looks and comments from other boarders on the slopes that I'm sure it will sell out in no time.

A special thanks to everyone at K2 Snowboards for making my mission successful! I definitely put all of their experts to the test answering my questions.